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Behavioural Science

Playing by the old rules isn't getting you anywhere...

You have watched all the TED talks. You have followed all the business gurus. You have tried all the productivity apps.
But your to-do list keeps growing, curling like an ancient scroll swirling off your desk...
While your business limps along and your passion for what you once loved withers slowly away...

I'm Miriam

and I help you...

...amplify your productivity,

...light a fire under your performance



your business results!

You have 2 choices:

Carry on as you are. Wait and hope things will change, even though you're not clear how that can happen.
(is that really a wise strategy?)


Get those brain hacks that amplify your performance, the tools to boost your productivity, the wisdom to make smart choices and the skills to innovate at the drop of a pin - even if you have the creative abilities of a sandflea.

Imagine feeling

because you have all the skills, tools, resources and brain hacks your business needs.

What others say:

"I have seen my personal productivity rising a lot after going through the training and applying the techniques. I was able to take on much more responsibility. My boss has been very happy with my development."
(Senior BA, Healthcare)

"The program has been instrumental in creating a tremendous change in the team without drama - and that is priceless."
(Director, Design Services)

"A year on, I still use Miriam's formula every day and just recently helped a client apply it to their long-standing issue with great success"
(Senior Manager, Professional Services)

"We capitalised on Miriam's teaching to take our team collaboration to a whole new level. I would recommend it to any organisation who wishes ot improve its approach to leadership, collaboration and profitability"
(Senior Director, Project Mgt)

How can you level up in your business without playing by the rules?

By using a proven strategic system to supercharge your productivity, influence, communication and leadership - and THAT changes the game for good!

Blueprints for growth

Blended learning the Impactful Way: Self-paced Learning + Live Coaching + Challenges and Accountability = Success

Impact Hacks Lab

Experiential Learning

Tailored Skills Development Experiences for groups of 5+ learners to supercharge their leadership skills and meet business goals.

I'm Miriam Gilbert

And for a long time I used to play by the rules of how business “should be done”. 

But when I joined an mercurial corporate start-up, I learned to throw away the best practices and create my own rule-book. I developed the strategies and systems to power up, get more done without needing to  or sell my soul for more hours in the day or giving up my social life.

And it worked: I rose from lowly assistant manager to CFO in 7 years and 9 months! I then set out to share

Because I am a natural sharer, I started teaching my systems to other: first my teams and direct reports (every single one of them got praised for their productivity and promoted within a year) and I’ve now helped over 200 professionals and business owners skyrocket their productivity, leadership and business results using my system. 

It's time to call an end...

> to cookie-cutter solutions churned out year-after-year without lasting impacts,
> to banal theories* others spew out, and
> to spending days and weeks in classrooms dealing with theories and role-plays that have as much to do with your real situation as Star Wars has with space exploration**

* don't get me started on the ridiculous "Change Curve" still peddled by some consultants

**I love and adore Star Wars, but it IS fiction and when it comes to giving your time and money , you deserve better than fiction!

My Promise To You

I will never sell you dump 'n run advice: I am with you all the way.

I don't teach untested concepts, I only share what I know works

People turn to me for innovation, inspiration and motivation - and I never disappoint!

my people are the ambitious, courageous types that are willing to colour outside the lines and try something new - I can spot them a mile off

Steal my best hacks


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