Is the ‘ick’ factor stopping your sales efforts?

News alert:

🚨If you want to sell more to corporate clients, you need to SELL more!🚨

That’s what my brilliant friend and mentor Bushra Azhar said in one of her posts (or emails?).

🤦‍♀️D’oh!, right?

But think about it for a second: if you are not going out there selling your stuff, how on earth can people buy? If you don’t tell people what you have to offer, how can they ever decide if they want it? 🤔

So if you want to work with corporate clients, you need to go out there and speak to them. And if you want more of them, you need to speak to more of them – they’re not going come to you by magic! (sorry to burst your bubble).

“But Miriam”, I hear you say, “I don’t like selling, it’s icky! And anyway, everyone else tells me NOT to sell but to give value…that sounds much nicer”.

🧁Well, cupcake, you should know my thought on “giving value” by now

(if not, read it here:

But let’s talk about “selling”. 😱

Or as I like to call it: having a genuine conversation with someone who might need what you offer. 🌺 ‘Cause – just because helping them involves the exchange of money, that does not make you into a sleazy used-car seller.

How to get around that one..

Step 1: find out your prospects key challenges and demonstrate the value your work brings in resolving those challenges.

The two most effective ways to do that is to address your prospects:

⚖ status quo bias (it’s hard for them to change the current situation, EVEN IF it’s less than good), and

💰their loss aversion (aka their worry that they’re making a mistake and losing money/time/face if working with you).

If you deal with those two points in a sincere manner, the conversation becomes easy.

💐If you want to avoid the ick-factor, don’t behave icky! 💯