No – you don’t need to fit in to work with corporates!

I was reading a lovely post on LinkedIn about encouraging people to be true to themselves by Kathrin Sebo (

I don’t see many posts in German so the words really touched me in their beautiful simplicity:

Trau Dich.
DU passt einfach wunderbar zu Dir.

(meaning): Dare it.
YOU suit you beautiful

“You need to lose your originality to work with corporates” – wrong!

So many people think that if you work with corporate clients, you need to stop being yourself.

That you need to check your personality at reception (figuratively).

Wear the clothes, speak the language.


Whereas the reality is that corporates are DESPERATE for some fresh thinking, new approaches, and a shining personality.

This is why I teach my clients how they can bring their whole personality into their work with corporates.

That way they can make a massive impact and be true to themselves (and get paid better too).

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It takes you all the way from identifying your perfect niche, to how to find leads, how to package your expertise, how to position your offer and how to price your services.

All of this happens in a unique 1:1 AND small group (max 4) hybrid set up that is designed to get you your first sales conversations before the 6 weeks are up (current record – 3 weeks).

And if you are a coach or expert who has been put off working with corporates because you think you’d have to change, let’s have a chat via messenger/email.

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