No one wants to read your proposal

No one wants to read your proposal


But it's for your own good that I tell you this truth that everyone who wants to work with corporate clients SHOULD know but no one talks about...

Here’s the thing. 

No matter how nice your corporate contact was on your call, no matter how keen they seem, no matter how perfectly your offer fits what they need, once they ask you to send in a proposal, you need to know this truth. 

This truth is that NO ONE  wants to read your proposal. 

Nope, no one. But they have to – because that’s what the corporate decision making machine demands of them. 

So they will read it – maybe share it with others, too, to get approvals, set up contracts, etc.

And even if you had everything squared away (that’s what you thought, right?), once they read your proposal, their two parts of their brain kick in:

a) the analytical part that pays attention to the logic, the numbers, the strategy and 

b) the fear part, that doesn’t really like change. It’s the part that get’s them to wonder if they are making the right decision, if what you propose is the right approach at the right price. 

They start to worry what effect a wrong decision here could do to their career. They are concerned that they don’t know enough about you – what if you’re a quack that makes them look bad? They fear that maybe they become a laughing stock if the work you do is poor quality… Oh so many fears…!

So instead of being just a box ticking exercise, a formality, your proposal needs to do some heavy lifting in terms of calming these fears. Taking away the worries. Show them how picking you is a safe bet for them. 

That’s the real reason why you need a high quality proposal!