3 lightbulbs

Let me tell you the story of 3 lightbulbs

Not actual light bulbs… (that would be weird)…

But the lightbulbs that went off in Jessica’s* brain 

(*not her real name, but you know who you are ☝️ 🤣)

[Jessica had left a high-flying career in corporate America, feeling burned out and disillusioned]

**”Why on earth should I want to work with those asshats again”?** She asked me. 

Lightbulb #1: Because you get to choose who you work with as an external expert; if someone is an asshat, you walk away!

**”And they don’t have a clue how to lead/reduce stress/engage their people”** she complained.

Lightbulb #2: That’s why they NEED you. And the good ones (the kind of clients you’d love to work with) will pay WELL for your help

**”But I hate playing office politics”** she groaned.

Lightbulb #3: And you don’t need to do any of that stuff. As an external expert, you are so above internal politics, no need to get involved AT ALL

And I am delighted to tell you, dear reader, that less than 6 weeks after this conversation (and 29 days after signing up to work with me) Jessica signed her first multiple 5-figure corporate client.

And she LOVES the work she does with corporates now 😀

Ready to jump into creating the perfect 4 or 5-figure corporate offer for your services right now?

Send me a DM and we will have a no-strings chat about whether this could work for you.

If so, you could get started on my four-week intensive program tomorrow and land your first multi 4 or 5-figure corporate contract in as little as 2-4 weeks!

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