Part 3 – Mistaking who will buy your offer

I’ve been talking about the 3 mistakes people make that make it hard for them to land corporate clients:

#1 They don’t understand (and apply) the 3-dimensional aspect of niching for corporates
#2 They mistake who in corporates will buy their offers
#3 They miscommunicate the outcome their work provides (and often do that on TWO levels)

I went into quite a bit of detail on #1 but that makes tackling #2 much easier – because you already understand why you should never limit yourself to just one contact e.g. HR to sell your services…

(if you don’t know – please comment and I’ll tag you on the posts that explain it in detail)

A common assumption – Going straight to HR

The second point (and common mistake) on WHO will buy their offer is directly linked to the 3-dimensional aspect of niching that we’ve been talking about.

People generally assume that if they are selling anything related to improving employees’ lives, performance, communication, etc, they should be speaking with HR.

And in some organizations that IS the right route to take.

The reality – Different levels of people

However, in many organizations, it is just as possible that a head of an operational department, a VP, or a Director is much more interested in your offer.

That’s because they might be closer to the issue and have a more “burning” need for support than for example HR.

This is why it is important to ensure you understand who are the various levels at an organization where your potential buyers might be placed!

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