Welcome – we are so pleased to see you here!

Privacy policies are a bit like the Cinderella of the internet.

We know they exist, but often they are shoved into a corner, out of site, covered in dust (or legalese jargon).

As we like to be a bit different, we want out privacy policy be more like the heroine in that Disney movie – shiny, interesting, gracious … or at least a document you can understand and find useful. (Otherwise, reading this is just a huge waste of your time).

We have to have a privacy policy to explain how we comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the DPA (Data Protection Act) and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) because – well, we like to comply with the law!

A short read

Another thing we like is to please people, people like you – visitors and clients. So we zoomed in on the best bit about GDPR, which is that everything has to be “concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible”. That means we are presenting you with the shiniest, clearest, shortest and most useful privacy policy possible – just like a sparkly princess!

So, in short summary:

We are a small, poor on time but rich on dreams kinda business and truth be told, like Cinderella, we don’t have time for much other than doing our work. That means we don’t have time to do bad things with your data, like stealing your identity or making up vicious rumours.

We collect and store the info we need to provide you with the service you buy from us. That can be consulting advice, online products like a course and being part of a membership group. (you’ll know that you are buying because we send you an invoice).

We might occasionally stalk you via adds on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google. But that’s about it.

Have a bit more time? Let’s get the lowdown


First, let’s have some cookies!

To be honest, cookies are a bit of a problem as we are addicted to them. We use them because that is pretty much how most things on the internet work. If you don’t like cookies or are on a script diet, you can block them on your browser but you might find that nothing works the way it’s supposed to.

Our little helpers.

Just like Cinderella has her little mice helpers, we have a range of SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors whose products help us out tremendously in our efforts to make this business work.

Stalking you:

Ok, we admit it, we do follow you around. We are mesmerized by the fancy real-time stats on Google Analytics because they are so pretty – and because it lets us see what people are looking at our on our website, so we can create more of what you like.

We will also be using the Facebook Pixel so we can show you even more of our work in the hope that you’ll have a chat with us and eventually, maybe buy from us.

We have more tools that allow us to tailor what we show you on our site depending on how you got there – but still, we don’t really know you or have other details on you… yet (muahahah).

Interacting with you:

Since you’ve come to our website, we think it’s just common courtesy to help you find the information you want as quickly and easily as possible. Since we can’t be there in person all the time (it is the internet, after all), we have a few little helper bots that can direct you.

We may use various software. Examples are a software called Landbot.io and/or Convertfox and others that ask you questions about what you are looking for and makes suggestions. (And there may be others – but we don’t want to hurt the bots’ feelings). At this stage, they use cookies and gather your IP address and keep a record of what you clicked and the responses you provided – but we still don’t know who you actually are.

However, when it comes to making a decision (e.g. do you want to talk to a real human? Do you want some info that BOIT cannot give you?), the software will collect basic information that can include your name, email and maybe a phone number. Of course, you don’t have to give us any of that (see below on Data Storage what we do with it and how we do it).

Chirp, Chirp, Chirp – we love a good survey. Imagine Cinderella had asked all her little helpers about how to behave at the ball, avoid getting caught out by the time and really understood when her carriage would turn into a pumpkin.

We like to be better informed, so we sometimes use surveys on our website and in our emails. We have wonderful tools e.g. called surveysparrow and quizfunnel, brandquiz (and others) for this and the deal for using it is the same as for our bots: it collects basic cookies information, nothing more personal than an IP (and sometimes not even that).

Only when you want to get the results of our surveys or quizzes do we need your details – otherwise we would not know where to send them. We make it very clear, each and every time you give us your details, how we are going to use them. E.g. will this be for one-time communication of a survey report? Are you signing up for regular newsletters? Will you be blasted with SPAM forevermore? (only kidding, we don’t do the last one, ever).

Data Storage

Well, this is what it all boils down to. DATA! We’ve already hinted at the fact that yes, at some points we do store some information about you and we store your data in a number of different places and use it in various ways.

Ready, steady, go

On our website

If you register with the site, give your details to one of the chatbots or leave it for a survey or quiz result, we will store your name and email address.

It’s the same deal you want to join a webinar we are running or book an actual face-to-face or online meeting.

If you buy a course from us, we will store your email, postal address, phone number and purchase history. Your payment details are NOT stored on the site. Of course, like the fairy godmother, we want to make sure you are safe and have fun, so we keep your data secure and don’t sell it – ever.

Truth is, we don’t do anything particularly radical with your data. We use your interaction history (if you give us permission) to share information, your purchase history to tell you about other products or services you might like and that’s about it.

Remember Cinderella’s helpers? Here is a list of the types of SaaS products we are using in various places.

The various ways you can sign-up with us with are:

  • Landbot (our chatty bot) – interactive question and answer experience
  • Convertfox (our chatty human) – interactive chat experience
  • Convertful (our poppy sign-up forms) – signs you up to newsletters, promotions or other clearly identified causes
  • (and yes, there is a glut of “convert” – entitled software names…)
  • WebinarNinja – for cool webinars and courses
  • Jetwebinar – even cooler webinars and courses
  • Bigmarker – the coolest ever webinars and courses
  • Book Like A Boss – book an appointment in our calendar without the email ping-pong!
  • Brandquiz – everyone loves a quiz and sometimes we collect data through it
  • Zenler for courses (and other software as neede)

In all of those cases, we only ask your name and email address and make it really clear what you are going to get in return for giving us those tasty morsels of data.

Emailing you

Once we know you a little and have permission to stay in touch with you, we use one of these tools to email you (and occasionally call you, but only if we have gotten really close):

  • Mailerlite – for newsletters, insights and ideas
  • Convertfox – really great insights and ideas
  • Engagebay – for more info and updates, insights and ideas

Customer management

We also use a couple of CRMs (Customer Relationship Management system) to keep proper tabs on you. But don’t worry – you’ll want to us to do this, because at this stage you are a client and expect things like email updates on the project, delivering the service we promised and finding out about things that help your business.

The tools we are currently using are:

  • Alore CRM
  • Cloze.com
  • Engagebay

Lastly, if you are taking a course or have become part of a membership group, we use learning platforms. When you sign-up, your name, email address and the password you pick are sent there where they sit to give you access to your course.

Changes to software used:

Being honest, we have a bit of an addiction to shiny tech toys. This extends to the tools we use, on our website and our interactions with you. So the list of tools we mentioned might change overtime. If you are really concerned about this, please put a reminder in your diary to check this document regularly, because we will update the policy here, however, we will only tell you about changes if they are fundamentally to how we obtain, use and store your data (and chances are that is NOT going to change).

Email and other marketing stuff

If you sign up for our newsletter, we will send you a newsletter – generally around one a month, but occasionally more if there we have more interesting thoughts to tell you. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button in every email. Your name and email address are stored securely in Mailelite, Alore. Engagebay or Convertfox (don’t worry, you don’t have to know which one we use – the unsubscribe is in the same place in all).

If you sign up for a course, we will send you emails about the course. The frequency of which depends on the course. You can unsubscribe but you’ll miss important stuff about the course.

All our newsletter tools automatically add tracking scripts to links so if you click on a link WE KNOW. If you open an email WE KNOW. If you ignore the great ideas we share and then complain about a lack of progress in your business WE KNOW.

The most important thing about this is we have neither the time nor inclination to actually look at or do anything, particularly with these stats.

Payment details

When you buy stuff, you will either pay through Stripe or PayPal. The only payment-based details we hold on our site is how much you’ve spent and whether you paid with Stripe or PayPal. We have no bank or card details or nada here.

All, yes, all of the tools we’ve listed are stating they are GDPR compliant. At least they are making all the right noises, are releasing official statements and offer various documents to prove that they are. 

Right to be deleted

Oh, no, is it us? Why would you want to leave? Sniff, sniff…. Maybe it’s us, maybe you are simply not into any of the things we talk about – leadership, re-humanising work, making change simpler and effective, creating self-managing businesses that are full of life and innovation. Fine, fair enough.

If you want to stop hearing from us, the easiest thing is to drop us an email at miriam@coincidencity or miriam@impactfulnesslab.com and we’ll delete all the info we have on you and make sure all systems we use to do the same. The only places excluded from that are Paypal and Stripe – the accounts with them are owned by yourself, not us, so we cannot delete your purchase history. Trust me, if we could, that would be a big data security issue – and the taxman would not be happy.

The only thing to bear in mind in case you bought courses from use, if we delete all your data, you won’t be able to access them anymore. The reason is not that we are vindictive but that we need your email address so that we know you’ve paid and allowed access (and of course, if you ask you to delete your data, we will not have any of that).

Social media and other friendly places

We love hanging out with people, we like a ball as much as the next princess. So if we meet you on LinkedIn or Facebook, Twitter or Insta (or, whatever), and if we like you, we might ask to be friends elsewhere, too. Of course, we’ll understand and respect it if you say no. Everyone has their boundaries – we’ve rejected tons of people on our private Facebook accounts for that reason.

We won’t try to nick your contact details from social media either -instead, we’ll ask you outright if we can take the conversation off..errr… other online.

Wow, you got there!

Well done, you made it to the end.

You shall go to the ball, feeling  all safe and assured that your slippers stay on and your data is safe with us.

Now go an enjoy yourself reading about why agility and self-management are magic slippers for the organisations of the future.


PS: the tone and word of this policy has been inspired by the fabulous and funny privacy policy of the great  Writers’ HQ