You don't want to...

Spend months on end trying to “build relationships” (OMG, I am giving so much value… Is it too much? Not enough? OMG I don’t know…)  while you see the tumbleweed blowing through your bank account…

Waste time, wondering how to find, approach and convert corporate clients,  procrastinating… (Don’t come across as sleazy. Don’t appear desperate. Don’t be a sell-out…)

Worry if your offer is something corporates actually buy, feeling stuck, feeling not ready or overwhelmed…(How do I know they want what I offer? What if they call me out? OMG, what IS my next step?)

What you really need is someone holding your hand

Let me do that and as a bonus get 5 ways to quick corporate sales

Hi, I am Miriam...

pink champagne opportunity

The non-corporate-y consultant,

defender of iridescent personality in the grey corporate world and creator of champagne-sparkling opportunities for passionate coaches, consultants and corporate trainers

pink champagne opportunity

I am a business strategist and client getting djinni for coaches, consultants, trainers and business professionals, helping them to make more INCOME and IMPACT using behavioural science. 

Why behavioural science? Because it determines how people think and act. 

Ever had a great convo with a prospect, thinking the deal was in the shoulder-bag only for them to go quieter than a door mouse when the cat stares at it? Yep, you didn’t read the behavioural science clues right… 

But that’s where I come to help. 

Growing up in a family without silver spoons but 4 kick-ass strong female personalities, I learned to observe people’s behaviours beyond the obvious. Delving into motivations, actions and cognitive biases became a habit even before I could spell it.

Historian by degree, Chartered Accountant by qualification, Trained NLP Practitioner, Neuro-science nerd with 20+ years experience as corporate decision maker, CFO and 8+ years owner of a successful corporate consultancy, I know how corporate dynamics work (they’re so much weirder than you think and often so illogical that Mr Spook would cry)


I have used my weird mixture of irreverent humour, science nerdiness and hard-nosed business acumen to:

  • Help one project management client land a contract for $25m worth of work
  • Lead a team that wrote the business case to win $750m of project funding
  • Convert 82% of proposals, sales calls and bids for myself and my clients
  • Guide students to win multi-5-figure coaching or consulting contracts in less than 30 days
"Miriam’s generosity is off the charts, and she teaches the real secrets that I’ve never seen anywhere else. And her value proposition formula really is rejection proof!"
Summer Turner
Workplace Culture Consulting

I hold "so-called" rules lightly - I prefer to test them if they chime true with my values

The world, the norms, society – everyone tries to tell you how to run your business and your life. 

But I have learned there’s a lot of BS spouted – and breaking the rules  is sometimes the way to your true success.

So instead of being a serf to rules I check if they chime with my values and if they work. 

If the answer is no  – I’ll shatter them like non-safety standards glass!

  • Never work with shitty companies
  • Being your whole human self to work
  • Never do hit and run consulting
  • Corporates love personality
  • Kindness and integrity before all
  • Money isn’t everything  – but you should be paid well if your work is valuable
  • Cheese is the food of goods