A layered approach to lead generation

I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of reaching out to corporate clients and hope there are ways to get clients to come to them.

The most effective ways to do this are via thought-leadership posting, speaking/participating at events and conferences and publishing in industry publications.

Benefits to inbound marketing

There are a number of benefits to inbound marketing:

1) You don’t need to be “always-on” – e.g. you can write articles in your own timeframe
2) You can reach many prospects in one go
3) If you are the speaker at an industry conference or author of an article, you are automatically seen as an expert on your topic.

The negatives

But the downside is that you are not in control of when prospects get in touch with you.

You might speak at one conference and someone gets in touch 6 months later.

That may be a nice surprise, but that doesn’t help to fill your pipeline in the short term!

Also, because you are slightly more removed from your prospects, you get less feedback on if your message hits the nail on the head for them – you don’t know if they are quiet because it doesn’t speak to them or because they are just busy…

For the longest time, I struggled in my business until I realized that the answer to filling my pipeline is to adopt a “layered” approach to my lead generation.

I take outbound actions to secure some near-term prospects and then layer inbound marketing efforts such as speaking on top of these.

Contact me

So if you are overwhelmed and confused about how to fill your pipeline and get in front of corporate prospects to talk about your offer, DM me.

In my mentorship programs, I help you design your own layered lead generation strategy that plays to your personal strengths, that you can implement consistently and that actually cuts down on the time and energy you need to fill your diary with prospective client calls.

Following this program, you should be able to have 1-2 explorative conversations with ideal corporate prospects per week (if you reach out to sufficient numbers) and book 1-2 NEW corporate clients per month for your business for $5k-$15k contracts.

If you’re interested in mentorship, the next step is to DM me and we’ll have a chat about what is the best fit for your business.

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