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Want to sell your services to corporates?

If you have never packaged the awesome work you do with your 1:1 clients as a corporate program, it is easy to think that you need to create all kinds of **extra** things, like:

  • A ton of new **mind blowing** information and insights
  • Loads of **snazzy** materials to use in your delivery like presentations, handouts, tech for participants to use…
  • **Special** marketing materials like fancy new websites, brochures, logos 

…and no surprise you might feel overwhelmed, I’m exhausted just writing this! 

In reality, a lot of the successful programs that I have seen have exactly …NONE… of these things. 

When I was a senior decision-maker amongst corporates, I often participated in the kind of programs you might be selling (leadership, communication, mindset, well-being, diversity, collaboration, productivity, etc). 

And seriously, no one EVER cared about seeing amazingly designed presentations. Or being handed beautifully crafted handouts.

What things to look out for that corporates geniunely care about 

What we as participants **really** cared about was:

  • Does the person leading this program *get* us? Meaning, did they understand the challenge we were dealing with and the kind of people we were?
  • Is the program designed to deliver at least *some* results fast-ish? I.e. not make us wait 6 months until we can see **any** improvements in the issue we had?

Those are really the two things that will impress individuals and that will get you hired again and again, as I have seen in my own consulting business as well as with my students in the Land Corporate Client Course and Coaching!

Let me give you two scenarios and I’ll let you decide which one is more appealing (and if you read on, I will tell you)

Scenario A)

You offer a standard approach that gives employees some advice about nutrition, some tips for exercising, and maybe a few ideas about using mindfulness.

Packaged this way, you will be competing with all the other wellness coaches and companies giving the same type of advice – and struggle to charge more than a going market rate.

You will need fancy materials, claims of mindblowing insights no one else has ever seen before and snazzy marketing to stand out from all the others!

Scenario B)

You focus on providing specific, tangible outcomes for your clients:

E.g. Through your discovery call with the client, you know that your prospect wants to reduce employee stress to reduce sickness absence.

E.g. In your conversations, you notice that their managers need to become aware of the daily stressors their people experience, so you facilitate an open dialogue between them.

E.g. You design 3-5 x 60 min sessions with minimal materials required (maybe a couple of simple slides, some flipcharts if delivering in person). 

When you deliver your session you explain: 

– Different approaches to stress reduction and wellness improvements

– Help them create an action plan to mitigate the biggest stressors

– Share some practical tips for quick stress-busting

To measure impact, the participants report their perceived stress levels before and after the session

The impact of your work is:

(OUTCOME): Actionable insights into what’s causing stress (emphasis **actionable**!)

(OUTCOME): A detailed **action** plan to reduce stress for the long-term

(QUICK RESULT): **Immediate** short-term reduction in stress levels among participants when they apply the quick help tips

Trust me, scenario B) is the one corporate buyers will choose!

Because this is highly customized and has a very tangible outcome, you can charge anything from $5k-$20k for such a program.

This simple example shows you that it’s really not difficult to package your expertise for corporate clients and you can **absolutely** dispense with all the …extra… *things*!

What I can offer you

Ready to jump into creating the perfect 4 or 5-figure corporate offer for your services right now? 

Send me a DM and we will have a no-strings chat about whether this could work for you.

If so, you could get started on my four-week intensive course tomorrow and land your first multi 4 or 5-figure corporate contract in as little as 2-4 weeks.

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