Create your 5-figure Corporate Client workshop or short program in 6-8 hours

Yes, you really can create a short to medium program for your multiple 4 or 5 figure corporate offer in as little as 6-8 hours if you’re a mindset, leadership or wellness coach who gets results for individuals 1:1.

I know this goes against what a lot of people believe but really all you have to do is work backwards from your 1:1 offer!

(this assumes that you have chosen and researched your ideal corporate niche – if you’re stuck on this, here is a post that goes into detail on how to choose the right niche for you):

The thing is that if you are a coach or expert who gets amazing, transformative or maybe even life-changing results for 1:1 clients, you already have what corporations are looking for – they just use different language. 

How can I apply this if I’m a mindset or visibility coach?

Let me give you some examples.

Maybe you’re a mindset coach who helps women step into their feminine power and live their best life.
Part of that best life is probably being in balance with work and personal life demands, having healthy relationships with those around you and achieving your ambitions. 

These outcomes of your coaching can be easily translated into the corporate world where a company might want to empower their female leaders to pursue their career goals (aka ambitions), build strong business relationships and create a work/life balance that reduces stress so they don’t burn out. 

Can you see that those corporate outcomes map neatly onto the outcome you already created?

Let’s try another example of a visibility coach who helps their client be comfortable spreading their message e.g. on social media, on video and in person. 

This generally involves a lot of mindset work, confidence building and overcoming things like imposter syndrome. 

These are exactly the things that corporates want for their emerging leaders; to raise their personal visibility and brand so that they become confident, respected leaders

Step 1: Translate your outcomes of your work into corporate lingo 

So the first step to building your corporate offer is to clearly describe the key outcomes your clients get from working with you and translating them into terms that make sense to corporates. 

When you are clear on what tangible results you get for your 1:1 clients, this should only take you about 30-60 minutes.

Here is a post on how to make your results super specific:

And another that gives some detailed examples of how to translate your results into corporate language as a mindset coach:

(If you still have any questions, tag me below with your question!)

Step 2: How to format your outcomes

Next is to determine the format of how you want to deliver your results. And my tip here is not to overthink it, but to go with a format that makes instinctive sense to you – you can always change it in the future!

Common formats are:

  • 1:1 Coaching (executive coaching)
  • Group coaching
  • Group workshops
  • A blend of all of the above 

There is no one way that is better than another or more scalable than another. 

For example, I know executive coaches who are charging $20k+ a month for 4hrs with one client, as well as stress coaches who charge $15k for a 3-day coaching program for 75 people.

Making your decision should take no longer than 30 minutes remember, you’re just deciding, not delivering it (yet)!

Step 3: Outlining sections of your offer

This step is where you are getting a bit more technical because you work out the objective and outcome of each element of your offer.

So if you want to offer a series of 1:1 executive coaching sessions, get clear on what these cover, how they build on each other and what outcomes your clients should get from each.

Similarly, if you plan to run a 1-day workshop followed by some group coaching on improving employee wellness and reduced stress, set out what the elements of the workshop will be and what you will cover in the group coaching sessions.

The trick here is to keep it simple. Don’t design the details yet but follow the flow of stating the “big outcome of your work” -> “delivered in XYZ format” -> and stating the “micro-outcomes of each part that lead to the big outcome”.

The benefits of formatting your outcomes clearly 

Getting really clear here will do three things: 

  1. Designing each part of the delivery in discrete sections is much easier than trying to do everything at once. 
  2. Because you start with the outcome, (both big and small) you get better results for your clients. It means you can leave out anything that doesn’t actually support getting those results.
  3. Your clients will enjoy your sessions because they get an outcome from each element of the session instead of waiting till the end of working with you- this is hugely motivating and keeps them believing in you.

You will need to put your thinking cap on, but again you can go back to your 1:1 offer for inspiration and ideas. I recommend you aim for getting this piece done in 60-90 minutes – much more than that then you likely are overthinking it.

My nugget of wisdom – be as interactive as possible!

Here is a bonus tip (call it secret step 4) – consider how you can make your work as interactive as possible. This is particularly important in any kind of group work where 1:1 conversation is quite limited. 

Whether you adopt a coaching or a more formal workshop approach, the more you get the members of the group to do the work, the better the experience for them and the faster the results they get too.

In my group work, I tend to do several things: 

  • I use a lot of simple game-based exercises to encourage discussion, explorations of topics or developing new ideas. My favorite resource for this is a book called “Gamestorming” – you can get it from many bookstores.
  • I cycle through different group exercise formats such as large and small group discussions, partner work and individual brainstorming.
  • I add the odd bit of alternative media into the sessions, maybe watching an extract of a TED talk or an online demonstration of something that supports the learning outcome of that particular element of the session

Clients appreciate the effort and frequently describe my sessions as unique – and they keep hiring me again and again!

Again, simplicity is key and you can create the outlines in 2-3 hrs for work that is ½ day- 3 days long.

Finally, you create some materials. And while many, many people fret about this part, it’s actually best to go super low-tech. 

For in-person work, I create a set of flipcharts for the various game-based exercises that I decided on earlier and because they normally just contain a few lines or super simple illustrations, that part takes me around 60-90 minutes (the picture below is an example of how simple these are!)

I might also create a very basic set of slides that follow the structure of the session (i.e. one slide for element 1, another for element 2 and so on). 

The slides will have minimal content because making the session interactive means no death by PowerPoint!

Even for online sessions, I am keeping to this minimalistic material approach and my clients love it. As you can see, it really does not have to take days, weeks or months to create your short-to-medium corporate offer. 

What I can offer you

In my 3 months of 1:1 work with paying students, I hold your hand to work out exactly each of the elements of your offer and the value of your business, as well as the results you deliver. 

Once we have this established, I help you determine the best price to put on your actual offers so that you get a fast yes (and most of the time, that is NOT the lowest option!).

I also help you determine which niche is best for you to get started straight away, I work with you on your marketing message so that you attract only those prospects who are right for you, guide you on how to leverage your network without ever worrying about being sales-y or desperate so that your diary is always filled with exciting prospects and teach you how to have simple but effective sales conversations and create proposals that convert at approximately 80% of the time.

Following my program you should be able to generate 2-3 conversations with prospects per week, typically starting in email/LinkedIn messenger, then moving to discovery calls and close 1-2 new clients per month @$5k-$15k while delivering repeat work at $8k-$25k+.

The investment for this is a respectable 4 figure (but small compared to earning $100k+ from just 5-8 corporate clients) which will go up towards the end of the year.

If you are interested in the program, send me a DM and I will ask you a few simple questions to check that it’s is a good fit for you to get results.

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