Create your corporate offer using the exact format I use to land multiple 4 & 5 figure clients without fancy websites, complicated lead gen, or tons of cringe-worthy networking.

When you want to start selling to corporate clients in addition to individual ones, it is super important to create your **Value Proposition**.

Your value proposition is the framework for HOW you deliver value to clients and WHAT makes you different. Think of it as the “I help” statement that many coaches and consultants use to describe what they do.

But to create your value proposition effectively, you need to go beyond the “I help” + what you do.

What to incldude

This is the template I use & teach to all my students – state clearly:

>> WHAT is your offer (a training? workshops? program? coaching?)
>> WHO specifically is it for (please PLEASE do not say “anyone who” or “all corporate leaders” – narrow it down!)
>> HOW long it will take to see results
>> WHAT specific results will they see
>> WHY those results matter to the wider organization
>> WHAT they DON’T have to do to get the results even though everyone tells them they **should** do it
>> WHY this will work even though there are a lot of obstacles
(like they are super busy already)
>> WHY you are the right person to help them (your expertise/experience/training)
>> WHY you are the expert for them (your research into their industry)
>> WHY they can trust you (your values)
>> WHY this is important to you (your mission) – this part is super powerful. Corporates, like everyone else, are attracted by people who are driven by more than money, so tell them WHY you want to help them.

Once you have created your value proposition, you can use it as a whole or elements of it in all your communications via:
– emails & messages
– marketing material
– sales conversations
– networking situations

Literally everywhere!

How this template can be applied

Here is an example for a wellness coach:

“My 3 month, 1hr / month stress buster program is for engineers in FinTech companies, helping them to reduce stress and burn-out by up to 75% so that the company can increase employee happiness, productivity, and retention, without going on expensive away days. This works even if they are already too busy and sceptical about mindful practices.

This is important because every year companies in this industry are losing $$$ due to stress.

As a former engineer myself, I understand the unique pressures in this industry and I have personal experience of the fast results that can be had with my approach.

This is backed by science, as research shows that stress coaching can lead to immediate benefits for individuals and long-lasting ones for their employers (quote a study).

It is my mission to help other engineers avoid the challenges I faced because I want to help people feel happier and more fulfilled at work.”


What I can offer you

Join my new program “Launch Codes for Corporate Clients” which includes:

*Intimate group sessions (max 4 participants) where you learn everything you need to know about selling to corporates

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The sales page isn’t up as of yet but if you want to know more, DM me here and we’ll have a no-strings-attached chat and genuine evaluation on if you can get great results from working with me.

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