Selling your program to corporates

Want to sell your services to corporates?

If you have never packaged the awesome work you do with your 1:1 clients as a corporate program, it is easy to think that you need to create all kinds of **extra** things.

Things you don’t actually need to include

->A ton of new **mindblowing** information and insights

->Loads of **snazzy** materials to use in your delivery like presentations, handouts, tech for participants to use…

->**Special** marketing materials like fancy new websites, brochures, logos

No surprise you might feel overwhelmed, I’m getting exhausted just writing this!

In reality, a lot of the really successful programs that I have seen have exactly NONE of these things…

When I was a senior decision-maker in corporates, I often participated in the kind of programs you might be selling (leadership, communication, mindset, well-being, diversity, collaboration, productivity, etc).

And seriously, no one EVER cared about seeing amazingly designed presentations.

Or being handed beautifully crafted handouts.

What corporates expect you to have instead

What we as participants **really** cared about was:

*Does the person leading this program **get** us? Meaning, did they understand the challenge we were dealing with and the kind of people we were?

*Is the program designed to deliver at least **some** result fast-ish? I.e. not make us wait for 6 months until we can see **any** improvements in the issue we had?

Those are really the two things that will impress participants and that will get you hired again and again, as I have seen in my own consulting business as well as with my students in the Landing Corporate Clients course and coaching.

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