Do you need testimonials to sell to corporates?

Do you need testimonials to sell to corporates?

Short answer… NO!…absolutely not.

And here is why…(get ready to receive some **real** buyer psychology diamond dust):

Corporates believe they are special

Decision-makers and buyers inside corporate organizations believe that *their* business is UNIQUE.

*Different from all others

*Unquestionably different from businesses in other industries

*And certainly different from businesses even IN their own industry

And because of their **deep** conviction that they are different, they are less interested in things like testimonials. 

Meaning, they don’t see a testimonial and think “wow, if this worked for ABC corp., it’s bound to work for us”…

What to use instead of testimonials with your prospective clients 

Corporate buyer psychology is very different from selling to individuals.

So while you can use testimonials to enhance your credibility once you have them, they are absolutely NOT necessary or even important when you start out with corporates!

Instead, showcase yourself as an expert in their industry by citing:

  • The relevant statistics that supports your offer
  • Quoting insights from research to highlight the importance of your topic 
  • Referring to famous case studies (these don’t have to be yours) to showcase the practical impact of your work

That means…(let me give you two examples):

*If you want to work with female tech leaders, you can quote the most recent statistics on female c-suite members, research into what’s holding women back in those companies and what e.g. UKG has done to be voted Top Tech Company for Women in 2021.

*If you help busy executives reduce stress and burn-out in the marketing industry, you’ll know about the rise in stress levels since 2020, the research into the impact this has on the performance of these people and have found one or two case studies of firms that deal with it really well.

What I can offer you

Using such research to position yourself as the expert that corporates want to buy from is one of the things we do in my 4 weeks 1:1 intensive program. 

We also clarify your positioning and message – including what your results really mean to your prospect’s business and how to speak to corporate priorities so that you set yourself apart from ALL the others in your niche.

Getting this right not only means you are never told you’re too expensive but also helps you get a fast YES from your prospects, often in 2-4 weeks for multiple 4 or 5-figure contracts.

I’ve got 2 spots free next week if you’re ready to jump into creating the perfect 4 or 5-figure corporate offer for your services right now. 

Just send me a DM and we will have a no-strings chat about whether this could work for you.

If so, you could get started on my four-week intensive course on Monday and land your first multi 4 or 5-figure client asap!

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