DON’T create your corporate program (yet)

A lot of coaches and experts tell me they cannot start working with corporates yet because they haven’t finished putting together their corporate program. 

Please DON’T do that just yet!

Putting together a big corporate program before you have tested out your approach before you have identified your ideal corporate prospects and before you have started on your business development strategy (aka, your strategy to get in front of prospective buyers) is at best a waste of time and at worst a massive demotivator and blocker to your goal of working with corporates.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Your offer will be generic if you create it without a specific audience in mind. And that’s like a death blow for working with corporates – if they see you as offering generic solutions, you become a commodity and they’ll try to negotiate you down on price (if they even speak to you at all).
  • It’ll be hard to sell a *BIG* program from your initial contacts of corporates. They’ll want to be comfortable with you before dedicating their time, effort and (internal) reputation to a big program (meaning a program that involves a larger number of people, time and budget >$50k)
    The fastest way to help them get comfortable, is by offering some smaller pieces of work with amazing results, whilst also seeding the idea of bigger pieces of work (that is how I turned several 2-4hrs assignments into $50k plus ones)
  • You can actually create your initial small or medium sized corporate offer (aka those that last a few hours or days and are priced under $25k) in as little as 6-8hrs (including all materials)

[If you’re wondering how to do this, ask me and I’ll create a post/newsletter about it :D] 

I hope this gives you the courage to go out and get those 4, 5 and 6-figure corporate clients that allow you to make a big impact in the world and your bank account!

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