Don’t fall for the sales BS

A lot of sales gurus tell NOT TO DO THIS! (Many tell you to do the exact opposite…)

But you already know that I like to break the rules, right? 😉

I like to take the human approach to build trust, relationships and help build your business…

You already know that all my selling advice is based on how people truly think (not what sales trainers think 🤯) – whether that’s corporates or individuals!

And that is why I tell my prospective clients that they should “think about it”!

YEP, whether it’s individual clients on a Zoom call or a corporate prospect on MS Teams – I don’t urge them to decide on the spot.

🔔 And I have not just one but TWO extremely good reasons for doing that! 🔔

#1 I value myself, my work and my clients too much to want to pressure them to work with me. 

#2 It doesn’t work that well. 

Before all of you who learned differently complain, let me explain what I mean by “well”:

👉When talking to corporate prospects, pressuring them to make a decision right now generally doesn’t work because they are not in a position to make that decision. They need to confer with others, check logistics, allocate budget and ensure they comply with internal rules.

You can help them shortcut many of these things and get a YES pretty fast (personal best is 4 days from a cold contact), but an instant signing and payment are almost impossible.

👉Of course, when you sell to individuals, you CAN get them to hand over their credit card right there and then. 

And when it works without a crazy hard sale, that’s ace. 💝

Thing is, people will buy on the spot without the scaremongering if they are pre-sold on working with you. 

When deep down they already have their mind made up that they want to join your program or get your services because they love what they see of you (I regularly get clients this way).

👀On the other hand, if all your prospects need to be convinced, in arms twisted fashion to work with you, how good is your business relationship going to be? 

You’ll have an uphill struggle to stop them from feeling remorseful afterwards! 

And what’s worse; you’ll have an even bigger struggle to get them to be fully committed to doing the work and get results.

🌧️Because no matter how amazing your offer, your method, your approach – it is not very likely that your clients get the best possible results if they start with a cloud of negative energy surrounding your relationship with them. 

🚨So know this 🚨

When people (gurus) tell you that every time you don’t get a yes on the call, you’re actually getting a NO, 

It’s absolute BS 🐂.

When these gurus say that you have to “handle” the rejection when the prospect says that they need to check their company’s budget or their partner’s thoughts about the investment. 

It’s just sleazy sales tactics 💩

When they tell you to “agitate the pain, twist the knife” 🤮


Yes, you can address the questions your prospects might have.

✅ Yes, you can pre-empt some of those questions in your marketing and proposals.

✅ Yes, you can even add some genuine urgency, such as giving more value to early adopters or limiting the number of spots you offer 

All of those things are legitimate practices to manage your business.  

But you can ignore the BS! 

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