Don’t forget these two important points when marketing

Want to know the killer moves that make reaching out to corporate prospects so much easier?

I’ve been talking about your value proposition (i.e. how you deliver value to your clients) and how to build trust in the last few posts, but in this one, I’ll talk about the one (actually, two) things that far too few people mention in their marketing.

And yet, when you talk about this, not only does marketing become more joyful but you also stand out from the crowd AND you attract people who are your dream clients.

These two things are:

1) Your values
2) Your WHY

Your values

Your values are the things that are important to you, the characteristics and behaviours that motivate you and guide your decisions.

Now a lot of businesses talk about their values in abstract terms, for example they may say “we value openness, honesty and our people”.

Which is all well and good – but also incredibly vague and thus (almost) meaningless.

When I say talk about your values, pick your top 1-3 ones and state explicitly HOW you will apply those values to your work.

For example, one of my values is transparency. That means that I expect participants from across the hierarchy to take part in my workshops and that all participants show respect for each other AND all their colleagues.

So no talking behind people’s backs, no secret plotting or making decisions that they wouldn’t want to communicate to the whole business.

This keeps the shitty clients away – because they don’t have the appetite for this!

Your why

Your WHY is the core reason, the driving force and the mission of why you have set up your business in the first place.

This has got to be about something more than making money (there are easier ways than setting up a business) – you are most likely driven by a deep genuine passion and mission to make an impact with your work.

For example, my WHY is the belief that when people are unhappy at work, it’s a waste of human potential – and I want to stop that waste.

Plus, I know that when people are happy at work, they make more ethical decisions – not just for themselves or for their company – but even for the society around them.

So tell me – what is your WHY and your values and how do they influence your work?

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