Essentials you need to land high-paying corporate clients

Here are the two things you need if you want to land 4, 5, and 6-figure contracts with corporate clients.

No, they’re not a fancy website, glossy marketing materials, the perfect LinkedIn profile, or even tons of connections.

Number 1 – Expertise

The first is EXPERTISE in your topic.

Meaning, that you need to be clear on what results you can help people achieve and HOW (note, I said *people*, not corporates!).

This expertise can be your business – if you are currently making 5-10k, you most likely know & already have a process for getting results.

Or you may have gained your expertise in previous employed work.

Either is fine, as long as you can define the specific results of your work!

Number 2 – Value Proposition

The second thing you need is what I call your Value Proposition (VPS).

This is NOT your offer, but a statement of the *framework* of how you deliver value to your clients.

My favourite way to define this is using this structure:

Your offer

>>WHO your offer is for (industry niche & employee type, e.g. executive, female lawyer, senior software developer, etc.)

>>WHAT it is (program? coaching? training? consulting support?)

The results

>>HOW long it takes to get results (this should address one of their most burning issues, not every issue the prospects face)

>>WHAT results they can get (be specific – describe how, e.g. greater confidence will help them to be more assertive, or to make decisions faster or to delegate more for better work/life balance, etc)

>>WHY those results matter to the wider organization (because they are paying – so they want to know what is in it for the company? You really need to connect the dots for them here!)

The outcomes of your work

>>HOW your work will help EVEN IF…they have tried other things in the past that didn’t quite work (this makes you stand out!)

>>HOW your work will help WITHOUT the prospect having to do something they don’t want to do – for example, people think employee engagement has to involve tons of staff surveys – I disagree 😉

Please note, this is NOT a marketing statement, so no need for polished language.

Instead, use this framework to CRAFT your marketing and messaging, tailored to your prospects’ unique situation.

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