Finding the right corporate contacts – Part One

I waste hours scouring LinkedIn because I don’t know how to find the right person to talk to about my corporate offer

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone with that…

This has gotta be one of the top hurdles that coaches come to me with when they want to sell to larger organizations but are not having much luck.

Maybe they have tried the HR route and hit a wall; “We already have this in house”, “This is not a priority for us right now”, “We’ll be in touch when we need something like this” are typical responses from many HR departments (if you even hear anything back at all).

Or maybe they’ve sent a bunch of messages to their network and on LinkedIn but have heard crickets back…🦗

Often the question of the “right” person is based on the idea that you need to find the decision-maker – a concept touted by countless gurus and B2B sales trainers.

The standard guru advice usually states that you should either:

“Don’t waste your time on people who cannot make the buying decisions”, or

“Find a champion and get them to take you to the decision-maker”.

Even though on the face of it these two things seem contradictory, both of these scenarios work on the assumption that there is this ONE person who has all the power and desire (and budget) to buy a particular coaching or consulting service.

And that is exactly where the problem lies. Because this is NOT how large companies buy services from independent consultants or coaches.

Different functions in a company will have different priorities and goals and make their decisions accordingly.

So it’s time to let go of the idea that you have to find “the” decision-maker and instead look at who are good people to speak to 💯 (don’t worry, I will tell you in detail who they are and how to get you to speak to them in my next posts 😁).

But if you’d rather get on with scoring more (& higher-paying) corporate clients without waiting, let’s have a no-pressure chat about my bespoke mentorship programs.

They range from 1-day VIP Strategy & Program design sessions to 3-month 1:1 mentoring, to 12 months of high-touch MBA style business growth support.

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