Finding the right corporate contacts – Part Two

I talked about letting go of the idea that you need to find the ONE person who can make the decision to hire you.

Because this is not how large companies buy services from independent consultants or coaches.

Let me explain in more detail.

For example, notionally, HR or Learning & Development departments are in charge of people strategies and people development. And they are likely to hold the budget for those activities. So they would qualify as the decision-maker.

Yet, it is very rare, that those departments are the only ones who buy certain services.

And they are certainly not the only point of contact for an individual expert selling e.g. wellness coaching, productivity consulting, or even employee engagement advice.

Similarly, the CFO holds the purse strings in an organization (aka, the decision-maker), but it would be a mistake to limit yourself by approaching only them as they are unlikely to buy e.g. stress coaching for the marketing team (they might buy it for their own team, though).

Different functions in a company will have different priorities and goals and make their decisions accordingly.

So ignore the idea of THE ONE decision-maker and explore the RANGE of decision-makers.

In summary, they are:
>> The person who has immediate tactical pain. These are the people directly impacted by something going wrong and their own goals & ambitions are on the line.
>> The people who have a strategic challenge. They are concerned about longer or company-wide goals that are under threat.
>> The people with a “support-function” issue. They tend to be focused on their departmental challenges which *should* help the other two challenges when resolved.

I will go into specific details (with examples) in tomorrow’s post!

But if you want to fast-track your corporate client lead generation, let’s have a no-pressure, no-strings-attached chat to see if one of my bespoke mentorship programs is right for you.

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