Finding the right corporate contacts – Part Three

So by now, you know that you don’t have to worry about finding THE ONE decision-maker when selling to corporates.

Because you now understand how corporates make buying decisions.

And you now know that there is a RANGE of types of people you can contact.

So who are they? I am going to dive into each one and give you some behavioural science nuggets you don’t get elsewhere! (And yes, you should contact all of them 😉)

The first and most important person to approach

👉The first and most important is the person with the pain at a tactical level.

These are the people who struggle directly because they have the issue that you can help them with. Maybe their team keeps missing deadlines because they don’t communicate well (if you’re a communications expert).

Or maybe their employees are off sick a lot due to stress and burnout (if you’re a wellness coach).

These people generally have both personal and professional challenges here.

They are unhappy because they are missing deadlines, goals, and targets.

This puts them in an uncomfortable position in their organization. They might worry about losing their top people or they might be under pressure from their bosses.

The challenges at work are personal too because they mean these people are missing out on bonuses or promotions.

They probably spend too much time at work, causing personal stress and maybe even problems and resentment in their personal lives.

So what does this all mean?

These people are the keenest to buy your solution if you can demonstrate that working with you will help them resolve these problems.

They might need to get the buy-in and support from higher-ups and find the budget (both not as difficult as they sound).

Want to learn how to speak to these people’s priorities?

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