Get your prospects to believe these 3 things before buying from you

If you are a coach trying to sell 5-figure contracts for mindset, leadership, empowerment, or mental & physical wellness to corporate clients, there are some things that your prospects must believe before they can buy from you.

I call it the belief ladder.

It is your job to help them believe:

#1 That what you offer is a solution to their challenge or will help them achieve their goal.

That means being really clear on the benefits of your offer – not using vague terms like “better leadership” or “more productivity” but explaining HOW your work helps them get the results they want.

[Here is an article that sets out (with examples) how to charge $15k for a couple of day’s work as a mindset coach]:

#2 That you are the right person to deliver this offer.
Meaning that not only do you have a great offer, but you are someone who can get results for your prospect.

Often enough, this isn’t actually about your professional qualifications, but your value and own belief systems.

[I have written more about what qualifies you to work with corporates here]: – [and btw, very often you do not need fancy tools to create a compelling corporate offer!]

Those two first things are fairly well known, even though they could be better executed.

But the third rung of the belief ladder is less well understood:

#3 You have to get your prospect to believe in themselves.
This means you have to help them believe that yes, they actually can achieve their goal or solve that problem they’ve been struggling with.

Because deep down, they will have doubts.

See, they will have tried other things in the past, in-house solutions, or maybe hired other external experts, and yet, they are still stuck with issues they cannot resolve.

It’s no surprise that they have doubts about their own ability

However, what I have found over the last 9 years working with corporates is that when the prospect actually believes that they and their team can resolve their challenge, those obstacles frequently disappear or become less important.

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