How NOT to approach a prospective client

This just landed in my LinkedIn inbox:

“Hi Miriam, I love what you do. You are so passionate!
Can we have a call this week or next? I’d love to know more about you and find ways to collaborate.”

Now I don’t really do calls without knowing what it’s about, so I asked what type of collaboration they had in mind… I’m sure you guessed, the answer was “oh I want to work with you, my service can really grow your business”.

That’s not collaborating.

That’s selling under the guise of something else.

To be clear. I don’t blame the person, they were obviously following what some guru told them to do to find clients.

But who teaches that contacting people under false pretences is a good way to win business?

I mean it sets off the relationship to mistrust from the start, right?

At the same time, when I receive a sincere message that says “I am offering X, my clients get Y kinds of results, I think it might be a fit for you because of [insert well-researched reason]”, – I tend to be much more open to having this type of conversation.

That’s the corporate mindset working (after all, I WAS a senior decision-maker in charge of literally £bn for over 20 years).

See, when it comes to selling to corporates (or those with a corporate mindset), you don’t need to **convince**, **trick** or **manipulate** them.

And what’s even better, the way I teach in *The Launch Codes to Corporate Clients* means your outreach
a) is never icky ’cause we treat people with deep respect
b) represents only a small part of your lead generation, and
c) is based on integrity, honest conversations, and even fun!

With those principles underpinning all you do, your lead generation becomes powerful, EVEN IF you (currently) don’t like selling 😉

I am opening up The Launch Codes to Corporate Clients program later this month. It’s my unique hybrid 1:1 & small group (max4) program where over 6 weeks I help you create your corporate offer and show you how to sell it even before the program is over.

This is for you if you are already making 5-10k/month and are keen to add an easy 6-figures to your bottom line with corporate clients.

Want to know more? Drop me a DM!

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