HR Directors – Yes, they actually need your help

Here is the reason why an HR director might want to hire you as a coach for their corporate business.

Because working with corporates **does not** have to be all about strategy, leadership, or sales. In fact, things like mindset work, helping people gain more emotional intelligence, breaking down limiting beliefs or reducing stress are topics that corporates are ALWAYS looking for help with…

For example, business surveys are full of how difficult it is for companies to attract and retain top talent.

This is a **huge** problem for HR directors!

So a common scenario is that they want to create a program to help their emerging leaders. And because women are much more likely to leave mid-career, such a program would focus on **empowering their rising female stars**.

Not only do such programs keep more talent in the company, but they will also raise the perception of the business as a good employer – making it more attractive in the market and easier to hire new people too.

That means if you are a coach who works 1:1 with high-potential women leaders, helping them build their confidence & performance, you can easily help that HR Director.

Want to know if what you do would work in a corporate setting? Comment REASON below and I’ll tag you in a short video that explains exactly HOW you can find out if your topic is something corporates want to buy.

Or you could skip the effort and just DM me for a genuinely no strings attached chat 😉

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