Introducing my new program “Launch Codes for Corporate Clients”

Me, asking a senior corporate decision-maker in charge of £1.4bn worth contracts:

Me: Does it annoy you when someone you don’t know contacts you at work about a service they are offering?

Decision-maker: No, why should it? If the offer is relevant, I’ll have a chat. If not, I might tell them who else to contact.

Me: So you don’t expect them to build a relationship with you BEFORE they tell you about their offer?

Decision-maker: Good grief, no, I don’t have time for that stuff. If we work together, we’ll build a relationship, but not before then.


Want to get started with corporate clients? Want to land your first one in as little as 2-4 weeks?

Join my new program “Launch Codes for Corporate Clients” which includes:

*Intimate group sessions (max 4 participants) where you learn everything you need to know    about selling to corporates

*Private 1:1 sessions where we create your own 5-figure corporate offer

*6 weeks unlimited access to me via voxer

*Unlimited access to the in-depth learning library

*Additional monthly group coaching calls for live advice and feedback. You even get access to my personal library of highly successful workshops that I use with my corporate clients.

The sales page isn’t up as of yet but if you want to know more, DM me here and we’ll have a no-strings-attached chat and genuine evaluation on if you can get great results from working with me.

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