I’ve got a confession…

Confession time…I haven’t written my book.


Back in 2021, I announced it full of energy and excitement.

I launched myself into finding out what it takes to write a book.

Not any book, but a (business) bestseller.

‘Cause that’s the only one worthwhile, right?

I was then told exactly HOW to do that, WHAT steps to take, in WHICH order, and … crucially… that most of my thoughts and ideas would NOT work.

It felt overwhelming, confusing and expensive. And in the midst of all of that, I lost my passion. The excitement. And motivation… so, here we are in 2022 and still no book.

But this week I remembered something…

I wanted to write this book because I genuinely wanted to make it easy for coaches and experts to work with corporates.

Because my mission is to change corporate cultures. And behaviours. Change how people inside of corporates are treated. And how people outside of them are affected.

It’s not about getting onto the Amazon Bestseller List. Don’t get me wrong, I celebrate all of those amazing people I know who do. And of course, I know that being there does help amplify my message.

But if the choice is being paralyzed by the “should do’s” vs just writing the damn thing…

So today, on World Book Day, I’ve started writing! 😀

And if you are put off working with corporates because of all the things you think you “should do”, “must-have” and “can’t do” when it comes to working with corporate clients, let’s have a chat.

Most of it is probably not as you imagine or as you might have heard from others.

E.g. you don’t need a fancy qualification
E.g. you don’t need professional headshots on your LinkedIn profile or website
E.g. you don’t need to play office politics
E.g. you don’t even need to wait for months before they buy…

Curious? Ping me a message or tag me below for a no-pressure chat via Zoom/messenger or in the comments 🙂

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