Land a 5-figure corporate contract as a mindset coach

If you can help people break through limiting beliefs, overcome mental blocks and achieve big goals, you can totally land a 5-figure contract with corporate clients.

Yes, **mindset** & **life** coaches – I am talking to you!

If you’d like to make between $5k to $15k for 1-3 days of work with just one client, read on 😉

Corporates are **constantly** looking for ways to improve their people’s work situations (the good ones do this primarily because they care – they are the ones you’d want to work with).

So they WILL hire you if you can show them the **value** that working with you brings.


You can show that value by addressing their challenges on TWO levels:

** the EMOTIONAL level, and…

** the RATIONAL level.

What is the emotional level?

The **emotional** level is where people don’t know what the real issue is. They can see the symptoms but cannot resolve the challenge itself because they don’t get to the root causes.

Let’s take the example of a leader complaining about having to attend too many meetings. 

This suggests the leader needs to delegate more.

**most people will agree on this BUT still don’t do anything about it**

This indicates that they have limiting beliefs about their team or about their own abilities to get results if they don’t do everything themselves. 

As a mindset coach, you can help them break through these beliefs!

So you demonstrate your value by saying: 

Improve your team’s productivity by 25% by upgrading your leadership and delegation mindset”.

And what about the rational level?

This generally means translating the impact of your work into monetary values. Showing the financial earnings or savings that a business could make when they work with you as a mindset coach is a very strong convincer and is crucial to commanding higher fees.

It is also not very difficult to do…

All you need is a rough idea of the broad salary range of the people you want to work with. You can find salary averages by googling “average salary for [position of the prospect, e.g. team leader, senior director, ceo] in [your industry niche]”.

From there, you work out how much time leaders could save if they attended fewer (unproductive) meetings.

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