Let go of any assumptions!

Here’s a MUST do for your sales conversations – especially when you want to work with corporate clients… (I got this wrong for a really long time ๐Ÿ™ˆ)

Firstly, let go of any assumptions!

I follow this marketer Josh Braun and in one of his emails, he just nailed the top mistake people make when they are pitching their offer.

They ASSUME they know what their prospects want and need.

An example from Josh Braun

Here’s the story he shared:

Prospect: “Does your condo have a pool?”
Salesperson Matt:It does! It’s the most beautiful and stylish pool in Boca Raton. The pool even has a 25-meter lap lane.”
Prospect: That’s too bad. I have a two-year-old and don’t want them near a pool (click).”

โ€‹Now let’s see what happens when you let go of assumptions.

โ€‹Prospect: “Does your condo have a pool?”
Salesperson Mandy: “Sounds like a pool is important to you.”
Prospect: “Actually, I have a two-year-old and don’t want them near a pool.”
Mandy: “I know how you feel. I have a toddler too. I get severe anxiety when they’re near a pool. It’s the worst thing.”
“Not sure if this makes you feel more comfortable, but our pool has a child safety cover whenever a lifeguard isn’t on duty.”
“Additionally, there’s a four-foot fence surrounding the pool with a door that can only open with a fob. If you’d like, I can show it to you.”

Prospect: “That sounds safe. Can I swing by this afternoon?”

(Here is a link to his website: https://joshbraun.com/)

So what’s the problem with assuming?

I’ve seen this time and time again (and did this myself) when pitching to prospects, that we jump in with our assumptions about what they want because as experts, we believe we know what they need.

While that may be true – the issue is that many prospects are not aware of what they really need and don’t take kindly to being told that e.g. they need to improve their leadership skills or that they are poor communicators or not confident enough.

That’s why it’s important to ask questions.

A LOT of questions.

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