Let me tell you about a revelation I had

There’s been some stuff going on in my personal and business life recently.

Nothing life-threatening – just some people being asshats and trying to take advantage of situations…

I know it will all be sorted and fine, but it’s still draining my energy (and time).

And while no one wishes to have to deal with stuff like that, I did find out some things about myself that took me by surprise.

Issues I needed to confront

It really made me confront my relationship with money.

I never thought I had a money issue.

We didn’t have much when I grew up, but since then I’ve always done okay and managed to look after myself.

And managed to make my income grow.

So it took me by surprise to realize how much I was affected by the money aspect involved in the crap going on.

And I realized that I still tie up a lot of my self-perception with my bank account.


You’re (meaning me) not supposed to admit that, right?
We’re all supposed to be above money, right?

But here we are…

What else I realised

Reflecting on this also made me realize that I had solved some money mindset issues already in the past, in my consulting business.

In the early days, I’d scramble around, charge really low fees because I was so desperate to make money.

I’d charge like £800 for a day-long workshop. Or £250 for 2.5hrs.

And it was HARD. Hard to find clients. Hard to deliver. Hard to make an impact. Hard to stay motivated…

Till something shifted.

What changed for me?

That something was my perception of my work.

Once I realized, deeply realized the value I bring to corporate clients by solving their specific problems and the massive impact I can create for their people, things began to shift.

I stopped scrambling for clients but won them more easily (and eventually smoothly).

I first tripled my prices, then increased them even more – and I got taken more seriously.

And now I have the huge satisfaction of clients coming back to me again and again, telling me about the fabulous shifts, changes, and impacts my work created.

What I can offer you

When you work with me in one of my mentorship programs to land corporate clients, I help you to understand and communicate the value of your work fluently.

I teach you to speak the language of your business in such a way that you never have to worry about what to say or what to charge.

And I help you to really capture the value and impact your work has – so that winning clients becomes a smooth process that you love.

You can work with me in my semi-private, fast-track programs, book me for high-impact 1:1 VIP days and get continued support in Voxer or join my 1-day group program where you learn the strategies and steps involved in getting your corporate offer out to clients.

DM, email or tag me in the comments for a no-pressure, no-strings-attached conversation to discuss your goals and the best approach for you.

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