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“Well, at this level, I still have control over my schedule.
So, for example, every day, I block out 2 hrs from 5pm-7pm to spend time with my family”.


Seriously? Is that what people consider to “be in control of their diary”?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the person writing this.

It’s just very obviously her (yes, it’s a she) reality.

What I do blame, however, is the corporate culture stereotypes that normalize the idea of working 24/7 so much that scheduling 2 hours a day for family time is seen as “control”.

Stories like this deeply sadden me – and make me even more determined to make a positive impact with my work helping to change corporate culture and to #rehumanizework.

If you are a consultant, coach, or another expert, let’s have a chat about the impact your work can make with corporates – while earning you 5-figure contracts for a few hours of work a month.

I offer a range of business mentorship options that are designed to get you tangible results in the shortest time – let’s explore what’s right for you!

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