Painkiller or Vitamin? Part 3

I recently posted about why you should NOT work with companies that have the biggest need for your help as a consultant or expert in improving working conditions and environments.

I know it’s counterintuitive, but those companies generally suffer from a toxic leadership culture.

In that situation, it is incredibly hard for an individual consultant or a small group of experts to achieve a shift unless there is a real change in the leadership.

A reminder of what type of companies you should target

So save your energy for the “good” ones – the companies that are genuinely interested in and concerned for their people.

Companies that not only treat their people fairly but are invested in their people’s growth and happiness. Companies that go above and beyond their own business and care for their suppliers, customers, and society around them.

But how do you find these types of companies, you might ask?

My top 5 ways to find the right clients

Here are 5 ways to keep away from the rubbish ones: #neverworkwithshittyclients

1) Jump online and review lists such as:
– the top 100 employers in your industry niche
– the top 100 best places to work (relevant to your industry) in 2022
– the most supportive/innovative/progressive etc workplaces (relevant to your industry)

Companies that find themselves on such lists are much more likely to be open to your ideas and make good clients

2) Find companies that have won awards in any category that is related to your topic (and in your industry niche) AND look at all the other runner ups/nominees.

3) Make sure you don’t just focus on large, generic publications such as Forbes, Inc. etc. but really focus on industry-specific ones, including those online.

4) Use review sites such as Glassdoor or Fishbowl. What organisations have a good reputation? If you have LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator, you can also check out the average time people stay at a company (this may be a good indicator one way or the other).

5) Use your network; Who in your network is happy with their employer?

Why work with me?

When you work with me in one of my business mentorships, I help you navigate those choppy waters, how to identify potential dreamboat clients and give the nightmare ones a side swerve…

My mentorships range from 1:1 VIP sessions focusing on one or two specifics that let your business fly days to 12 months of in-depth support in all aspects of your business – let’s have a no-pressure chat over DM or Zoom.

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