Part 3 of 4 – What to include in your proposal

When creating proposals for corporate clients, most coaches and experts use the same templates as providers of technical or transaction-based services.

This is a massive mistake because it actually makes it HARDER for your prospects to say YES to your offer.

Over the course of the last 2 days, I have shared two vital components of highly successful proposals for coaches and consultants working with leadership, mindset, wellness and similar offers.

Today I share another part, including the common traps many fall into (and of course, how to avoid them) – Connect the Dots!

Breaking down the specific outcomes of your work

Showing your prospect that you can help them and what results are possible when they work with you is essential, but because prospects are busy, you also need to spell out the value of your work to them.

Don’t let them guess it – connect the dots for them! This is what you do in the opportunity section.

This goes beyond saying things like “raising awareness”, “creating clarity”, “sharing best practices” etc.

Instead, in this section, you link the outcomes of your work to specific, tangible results, often financial results.

A lot of people worry about making promises for results here but actually, you are not giving guarantees.

It is impossible to guarantee your clients certain results – there is too much that is out of your control, but you can explain to them what type of quantified results they should be able to achieve.

If you have case studies, you might use them as an example.

Using research to help connect the dots

Alternatively, you can use results from research or famous case studies to show what is possible. Obviously, you never pretend that you have created those results, but you can showcase them by saying “research has found that organizations who do XYZ tend to get ABC results in this area”.

Personally, I generally use phrases like this:
“Clients we have worked with have seen these kinds of benefits:
– Saving management time with more effective leadership approaches in a B2B business of $350k
– Increased collaboration across teams leading to a 30% increase in sales closed
– Positive employee feedback improved by 13 percentage points

This highlights the opportunity without making a hard promise, as actual results will depend on too many factors that are outside your sphere of influence.

(If you want to know more about how to quantify results, see this article here):

Using my approach, I convert approximately 82% of corporate proposals into high-paying clients in my own consultancy and my students get results such as their first client in 2-4 weeks, tripling their prices with existing clients, and finally getting the missing piece of insider insights that take their business to the next level.

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