Part 4 of 4 – What to include in your proposal

Ready to create high-converting corporate proposals?

I have been posting about the 3 other vital components that allow you to convert up to 8 out of 10 proposals (that’s my current experience).

Today we talk about creating a rejection-proof Recommendations Section.
✅ This is where you outline how you can work with the client.

Recommending a solution – Give your clients a variety of options

Here you provide at least 2 options (ideally 3) of the best ways for your client to resolve their issue/achieve their goal.

Always make sure to provide more than one option because you want your client to shift their mentality from “Should we work with them or not?” to “Which of these options is the best one for us?”.

Because you want them to think the latter, it is important to make sure that the options you provide are easily comparable. That means they have to have some similar elements.

A simple example of comparable options could be:
– Option 1 is 5 workshops & direct access to you in between,
– Option 2 is 3 workshops with limited access to you in between and
– Option 3 is 1 workshop and no further access.

Linking your recommendations to their goals

The second point to watch when recommending a solution is to make sure you link each part of your recommendation to their goals.

What that means is that if e.g. you offer 3 workshops on say stress reduction, you outline how these help them get closer to the outcomes they want to achieve (as you described in the section on objectives) by saying something like:

This option includes 3 workshops that build on each other where we first establish what the specific stress triggers are for the team, then investigate what options for stress reduction are right for them, and finally create a sustainable action plan for minimizing stress based on individual employee circumstances. Taking this modular approach is important to achieve long-lasting improvements”.

What I can offer you

In my custom-made business mentorship program, I go even deeper with my students on what makes a perfect proposal, addressing things such as buyer psychology and corporate decision-making dynamics so that your proposals should convert above 80% of the time.

The approach I teach you has helped me land multiple 5-figure clients who come back for my services year after year, win new business in just a few weeks, and charge over $20k for 1.5 days of work.

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I have a very simple process for those who are interested; just DM me and I’ll ask you a few quick questions to assess whether you’re a good fit to get results (no pressure to get on a hyped-up sales call).

If my approach is likely to work for you, we can get started at a time that suits you right away.

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