Sharing my secrets

It’s the rule, right? You must **hint** that you have a “secret“.

And you’ll only share it with people who buy from you…

Well, you know that I like to break the rules.
(after all, I did have rainbow-coloured hair while consulting for a major global tax firm…)

So I’m gonna break the rules and share with you the full system of how to sell to corporate clients.


It literally consists of only 6 steps:

Step #1: Select an industry niche that you have a connection with. Maybe because you worked there, or because you know lots of people. Or because you find it interesting.

Step #2: Define what specific and tangible results you bring to your individual clients. If you are currently making 5-10k/monthly, you will know what these results are, right?

Step #3: Translate those results into something that appeals to corporates. That generally means linking the results you get to how it either keeps their people happy, creates more income, or reduces costs. (That includes all types of mindset, communication, visibility, diversity, wellness, or empowerment work you might do!)

Step #4: Create your marketing message to position yourself as an expert in two things:
>> your topic (which you are if you are getting results), and
>> your industry niche (which you become by doing a bit of research)

Step #5: Get in front of prospects
You don’t need to become their BFF; just start a conversation. The best way to do that is to use one method to reach out (email, LinkedIn, phone) combined with another method to get them to come to you (speaking, writing, networking)

Step #6: Have a genuine conversation about your offer
When you demonstrate that you understand them & know your stuff, they will be happy to have that conversation and explore how to work with you.

These are the 6 steps involved in landing 4, 5 and 6-figure corporate contracts as a coach or consultant.

Simple? Yes!

Easy… well, it depends on how difficult you make it.
The way I teach my clients how to land corporate clients is the EASIEST possible way to get results in rocket time.


Join my brand new program “Launch Codes for Corporate Clients” for:

*Intimate group sessions (max 4 participants) where you learn everything you need to know about selling to corporates

*Private 1:1 sessions where we create your own 5-figure corporate offer *6 weeks unlimited access to me via voxer

*Unlimited access to the in-depth learning library

*Additional monthly group coaching calls for live advice and feedback. You even get access to my personal library of highly successful workshops that I use with my corporate clients.

The sales page isn’t up as of yet but if you want to know more, DM me here and we’ll have a no-string-attached chat and genuine evaluation if you can get great results from working with me.

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