Showing your value to corporates – The emotional level

Calling all leaders and mindset coaches

Want to know how you can land a 5-figure contract with corporate clients?

Many brilliant, talented coaches know how to help individuals break through limiting beliefs, overcome mental blocks and achieve big goals.

Such results are also very valuable to corporates!

And in the next few posts, I will share with you the two points to cover in your offer so that you can win e.g a $15k contract for 3 days of work or a $35k contract for a few weeks of engagements.

🐣The trick lies in helping corporates see the value to their business that your work brings and by showing it on two levels: the emotional level and the rational level.🐣

The first is the emotional (and sometimes intangible) pain level.

The β€œpain” is something frustrating, annoying, worrying or bothering the client in some way.

They see this pain as a big hurdle or blocker that is stopping them from achieving their goals.

A non-exhaustive list of common pains are:

πŸ’£ Too many meetings so they cannot concentrate on their work

πŸ’£ Missed deadlines so that they have to deal with angry customers or stakeholders

πŸ’£ Too many long email trails which are a time suck

πŸ’£ Conflict in their team that hinders smooth functioning and achieving targets

πŸ’£ Team members not taking responsibility for their own work

πŸ’£ Not hitting weekly/monthly/annual targets – this can impact their personal career goals, bonuses and again adds stress to their workload

πŸ’£ Team members being stressed out

πŸ’£ Top employees leaving

πŸ’£ High levels of sickness absence among their people

πŸ’£ Can’t attract the right talent / fill important roles – will likely lead to the point below

πŸ’£ Work not getting done (or done to a high standard)

And so on…

And it only takes a bit of desktop research to find out what pressing challenges organizations in your industry niche most likely face.

I will share a few examples tomorrow but if you don’t want to wait to make corporate clients a reality for your business, DM or email me ( for a genuine no-pressure chat (no need to Zoom) to assess if one of my fully tailored mentorship programs is right for you!

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