Stop undercharging for your work – Remember your value

I used to undercharge until I worked out the value I bring to my corporate clients.

When I first started my own corporate consultancy, I fell right into the trap of thinking I cannot charge too much.

Cause I was new, right? I had only just started, right?
(forgetting my 2 decades worth of relevant experience as an employee, but that’s another story…)

So I **thought** I’d better go in low.

And I resented working so much for so little – but felt I could not charge more than lower-end market prices (or so I thought).

‘Till one day, I sat down and worked out the financial benefits my work contributed to my clients’ achievements.

After picking myself up from the floor from realizing HOW MUCH they saved, I tripled my prices – without hesitation.

What happened once I tripled my prices

Two (actually 3) things happened as a result:

– I got more clients (people took me more seriously!)
– I helped clients get even BETTER results, and
– I felt valued (by myself, mainly)

So how do you work out the value you bring? If you work with corporates (where my expertise lies), it’s generally fairly easy:

Breaking down the value you bring to your clients

– You are either saving them money directly (e.g. reducing a specific cost) or indirectly (e.g. by saving them time or reducing risk) OR
– You are helping them make more money – either directly (e.g. increasing sales) or indirectly (e.g. by motivating their salespeople, keeping the customers happy, reducing faults in production).

The moment you research your industry, you will find statistics and case studies for all of those (and many more scenarios).

And just with a modicum of maths (really just a couple of divisions & multiplications), you can work out the value your work brings.

If you want to see a finished example, tag me and I’ll create a training video 😀

What I can offer you

But if you are ready to get going with corporates and get my personalized help working out all of those questions, my small group program (4max) “Launch Code to Corporate Clients” might be right for you.

If you are currently making 5-10k from working with individual clients and want to land corporate clients in as little as 2-4 weeks, drop me a DM to have a no-strings-attached chat about what’s best for you!

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