Summary of what to include in your proposal

When you prepare a proposal to corporate clients, 4 key components will make a huge difference in how many and how fast clients will accept your proposal:

#1 Overview (summarizing the challenge this proposal addresses – from the client’s point of view)
#2 Objectives (translating the client’s requests into outcomes of your work)
#3 Opportunities (the immediate and long-term value of resolving your client’s challenge)
#4 Recommendation (giving them 2-3 options of how they can work with you)

(There are a few more components but they carry less psychological impact and are more self-explanatory)

Over the next 4 days, I will dive deeper into how these components work and give examples of what to include for each.

🎯Ensuring you cover these four core components in your proposal will have two benefits:🎯

– You should be able to complete your proposal in a shorter time (my students tell me they take 50% less time than before because they now have a clear and logical structure).

– You should also see a significant increase in the acceptance rate of your proposal (and most likely a faster response rate) because you are building a logical case for working with you that is highly tailored to the results that your client needs, instead of rambling on about what you do (the mistake made by many proposal writers).

Of course, you could take a shortcut in creating a successful proposal and chat with me about my customized business mentorship program, where we cover everything and anything you might need to make 5 and 6-figure corporate clients a big part of your business.

I have a really simple process: Ping me a DM, comment below, or email me at and I’ll ask you a few short questions to see what your best next step could look like (no need to get on a call, unless you want to of course!).

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