The truth about your offer…

So here is the thing that stops many coaches from selling their offers to corporates for multiple 4 and 5-figures…

(this will confuse some people…but fear not, I will explain!)

Your **OFFER** is NOT your coaching, your services or expert advice. 

It’s not your price either! 

It is easy to jump to the conclusion that your offer is that “thing” that you do. Because on the face of it, that is what people pay you money for, right? 

But actually, your offer, especially your corporate offer is a LOT more than that. 

And you need to be clear about ALL the components that **really** make up your offer, or you face an uphill struggle to get corporates’ attention and budgets. 

Why? Because people in general …and corporates in particular… rarely just buy a *thing*

It’s all about buying into your IDEA

Think about it…

Even when you buy the most basic commodity item, like bread, cat litter or bathroom tile glue, you end up choosing a particular item because you think that the one you pick will do a good/(the best) job in feeding you, making your house less smelly and holding up tiles…

That means you’re really buying an IDEA about the item you’re buying. 

Of course, corporate decision-makers go through the same process when they decide if they should buy your coaching or consulting offer.

They need to buy the IDEA that what you are offering is exactly what they need and want…

Therefore your offer consists of:

1. The actual challenge your corporate faces

– The challenge they are facing. Is it something painful, annoying, frustrating? Or a goal they don’t know how to achieve? 

And here is the clever part; how important is that challenge to them? Is it just a mild irritation or a nice-to-have? 

Or is it something urgent and of *massive* importance?

{E.g. some companies have a reputation for not caring about their employees too much, so to them reducing stress in their workforce isn’t a priority} (*rolls eyes*)

BUT (luckily) many organizations DO care and if they see lots of their people off sick or leaving, then buying a stress-coaching package becomes a big priority

2. They believe in your solution to fix their problem

– Meaning that they believe your services can *actually* help them with their challenge. As a stress coach, you can point to relevant research on the methods you’re offering.

Or as a heart-centred leadership coach, you can point to case studies where companies had great success when they helped their people become better leaders.

3. Believing in you as an individual

– Next, your prospect needs to believe in YOU – that you are the right person to deliver the solution to their challenges. Most people assume this is about qualifications and experience…

But what’s really more important is how you position yourself as an EXPERT **in their industry** and show them that you understand them!  

4. Believing in themselves 

– Then, they have to believe in themselves. 

Yep, I know that sounds weird, but they have to believe that they can actually achieve their goals. 

Because most of the time they have doubts. They think with their people, their history, or their culture, it’ll be hard or impossible to **really** overcome their challenges. 

So before they can buy your services, they need to overcome these doubts and it’s YOUR job to help them.

There are other, more technical elements to your offer, such as pricing and the options you provide (I have written about these at length here): and here:

But if you include the things above, you can create a corporate offer that gets a YES for multiple 4 and 5-figure contracts in as little as 2-4 weeks.

I call it “Corporate Offers that SPARK!

What I can offer you 

And if you want to go faster (and pick my expert brains on tap, too) you can either join 4 other committed women and myself on Sat 11th Dec on how to create your own corporate offer that SPARKs (this is by application only).

Or join my Corporate Offer Intensive 1:1 four-week program where we design your offer, create your positioning, get you expert status AND create the perfect strategy to get you in front of decisions fast!

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