Three ways to show corporates they can trust you

Many experts don’t know how to build trust with their corporate prospects and as a result, miss out on 5-figure contracts!

Yesterday I wrote about how I design my Value Proposition – the framework that describes (in non-marketing language) *how* I deliver value for my clients.

And today, I’m going to share 3 more aspects that you should define BEFORE you craft your marketing and outreach messages.

You see, before corporate prospects are willing to even talk to you, you need to give them reasons to *trust* you – at least enough for 3 minutes of their attention.

1) Trust that you’re someone who is relevant to them. You establish this trust by mentioning your relevant qualification(s), training, or experience.

E.g. When I work with financial services clients, I mention my training as a chartered accountant, an extremely prestigious qualification + years of experience in the industry.

2) Trust that you understand their issues. This is about knowing what challenges their industry (and potentially their organization) faces.

So you could quote a specific industry statistic, or refer to a famous case study or something in the news about their industry.

For example, I might share some nuggets about the great resignation that are particularly relevant to my prospects.

3) Trust that you are a topic expert. Here, you might state your qualifications, but actually, it works even better when you can quote some industry-relevant statistics, research, or your own case studies that link to your topic (leadership, wellness, communication, whatever it is!) to their challenge.

So you could quote the $$$ this industry loses due to stress or burnout if you are a wellness coach. Or you could cite the research that shows that leaders with high emotional intelligence make better decisions.

Establishing this trust is vital to getting your foot in the door and it needs to be front and centre of your positioning and marketing.

I will also be talking about 2 more aspects you should cover (these are killer moves!) tomorrow, but if you don’t want to wait, DM me to explore how my customized mentorships can help you win 4, 5, & 6-figure corporate contracts!

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