What do corporates need from you?

A lot of people worry that they cannot sell to large companies because they look for certain results, such as financial ones.​

And the test is here: are you currently earning 5-10k a month or more working with individuals? Or do you have a strong corporate experience where you got results as an employee?

Because if either of those is true, you KNOW you can create results for individuals, right?

And if these results are SPECIFIC and TANGIBLE, you can create the kind of results that corporates are looking for.

Why is being specific and tangiable important?

The point about specificity and tangibility is one where many less experienced coaches come unstuck because even though they might have a lot to offer…

They focus on helping their clients gain things like clarity and insights.

Now, being clear and having insights are all wonderful things but by themselves, they are limited because without some form of action, they don’t change much in your clients’ lives.

(don’t we all know people who keep complaining about an issue in their life, who see what they should change yet they stay exactly where they are?)

Linking and applying these elements

An experienced coach will link insights, clarity and empowerment to specific challenges and results.

Let me give you an example of a female mindset coach who empowers women to lead their best life. This coach will not just focus on insights and clarity but will also, for example, help their clients to set specific boundaries so that they reduce stress, support them in feeling confident to take specific actions to progress their career and encourage them to follow consistent steps to be more visible online for their business.

And it’s exactly those types of specific results that corporates are also looking for too!

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