What NOT to say to a corporate prospect

Don’t say this 1 thing when sending a follow-up message to a corporate prospect:

“Following up on my previous email…” aka **why the heck are you not responding, have you even read it???**

Why is this so bad?

It’s passive-aggressive and will likely rub your prospect up the wrong way (i.e. them thinking “who the hell is this person and why should I care about their email”) – not a great start to a business relationship…

It can also make your prospect feel bad for not reading/responding (not too likely, but possible).

At worst, even if they feel none of those things, it still means they have to put in **effort** – remembering your previous email, scrolling down (or worse searching – that’s not going to happen!)

It’s simply a bad idea.

What to do instead?

Approach your prospect from a different angle

Use a different angle on the challenge that you can help them with to test their interest.

That means if you are messaging an HR person and your focus in the first message was about increasing employee engagement, the second one could be about reducing the number of people leaving ( those two are directly interrelated, but you already knew that 😉 )

Or if your first email to an operational manager was about increasing productivity, your second message could be about reliably hitting delivery deadlines every month (again, these are linked!)

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