What others charge for their work

I often get asked if it really IS possible to charge multiple 4-figures for just a couple of hours of work with corporate clients.

And I often do share the examples of my students who:
– landed a contract for 15k for 3x90min coaching sessions (mindset coaching)
– got paid 4k for 1/2 online workshops (intro to DEI)
– tripled their prices with an existing client who then asked to book MORE work with them (manufacturing client)

And these are not the exceptions.

Here is some market research I did in another group (details anonymized to protect privacy):

– 15k for 3months engagement of 4hrs/month working with HR on strength assessments
– 3k per month for 90min small group coaching (leadership team)
– 5k for 3hr workshop with prep time (leadership profiling)
– 4k for 2hr communications workshop without customization (I never recommend that, tbh)
– 17k for 1/2 workshops (high-performing team development) + 4hr individual sessions (30min each)

If you are currently not charging at LEAST in those ranges (and I personally think some of them are a bit low), then get in touch (DM/Comment, tag or email miriam@impactfulnesslab) to have a no-pressure chat on how we can increase your prices AND your number of clients!

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