Why you should never offer discounts to corporate buyers

Discounts and special offers?…no, no-ooo, JUST NO!

Not when you want to land 5-figure contracts with corporate clients as a coach (or consultant or another expert advisor).

Because when you do, you set off a series of thoughts in their brains that can only ever leave you on the losing side.

Why are corporates sceptical about discounts?

First, they wonder: “Why is this expert giving us a discount? Our accountant doesn’t do that. Neither do our lawyers give us discounts?”

Then they question: “Is this person really an *expert*?” 

And then they decide: “Well better ask for… other quotes / look elsewhere / go with a big name provider…”

See, when you offer a corporate decision-maker a discount, you invite them to think about you in terms of costs – not **value**. And in a corporate context, **costs** are the things that must be reduced…

Furthermore, you are getting their sceptical brain working, meaning you get them wondering if you are playing games (like having a real price and a discount) – and what THAT means for the quality of your work…

What you should do instead

Instead, if let your offer do the **talking**, there is absolutely no need for special offers or discounts. 

What that means is your offer is:

*Framed in terms of the value of the problems you solve

*Customised to the prospects 

*Providing a range of commitment (NOT pricing) options 

*Structured to get some results IMMEDIATELY 

*Positioning you as THE expert to help them despite their doubts and even if they’ve tried other solutions before.

What I can offer you

Want to create an offer like that? 

Join me and 4 other expert women on Dec 11th for the 1-day SPARK-IFY YOUR VIP workshop. We’ll spend 4-6 hours together online (you can be in your pj’s) to create the perfect corporate offer for your business to land clients in as little as 2-4 weeks. 

At the end of just one day, you will have:

* A truly rejection-proof offer,

* A unique and customised high-converting proposal template, and

* A perfectly aligned strategy to get to land corporate clients in rocket time

This workshop is by application only, so send me a DM and we can have a genuine conversation to see if this is a good fit for your business.

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