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Are you ready to maximize your income and your impact?

And you'll get CFO-approved, 6-figure consultant tested, neuro-science-confirmed tips, tricks and hacks of how to find, approach and convert corporate clients so that you can stop worrying about the biz dev and focus on the awesomeness that is your offer

I know what it takes to sell to big ass corporates and tiny owner-managed biz - Just some of my fav consulting clients:

Do you want to...

Find corporate clients who are READY to buy,

Charm their Brains and BUDGETS

SHORTEN the Sales Cycles

(and never, ever have to work with sh*tty clients ever)?

Let's go 3 x faster, earn 3-10x more and XXL your impact... without inside connections, corporate background, grey power suits or getting a personality transplant

The corporate coaching, consulting and training market is like a delicious cupcake with unicorn sprinkles - worth >$200bn this year alone

Reality is, experts like you are currently working with businesses that don’t bat an eyelid at paying $4k for a 2hr workshop, $20k for a 3-part course and $50k in retainer fees over the year.*

(*I know because I am one of them!)

Ready to land those


That's what these people are doing...

Miriam has incredible resources to get you started or if you’re experienced… unstuck!

Having been in corporate for years and working as a consultant to corporate clients, I had experience and spoke the language.

When I wanted to diversify my services into another market, I was stuck and spinning inside my own brain. Miriam's course helped me get focused on on exactly of what I needed to do to get results fast.
Rebecca P Morgan
PhD, CEO Choose Awesome Co, The Awesome Leader League
I’ve paid for expensive courses from other providers on how to get corporate clients and got way less value than what I received from Miriam in the playbook and Bootcamp.

Miriam just gets it. She understands the corporate world inside out.

As someone who myself came from a corporate career before becoming a consultant, I can say that Miriam knows her stuff and if you want to land high flying corporate clients, Miriam will get you there.
Jenny Zachary,
Executive Adviser & Consultant ǀ Trainer ǀ Speaker
If you are a coach, consultant or service provider looking to really reach corporate clients this program is a no-brainer!

I came in overwhelmed and confused as to where to even start as it relates to getting corporate clients.

Miriam has the program set up where it takes all the guesswork out!

The trainings are amazing and I love the way Miriam breaks everything down step by step. Trust me you will not be disappointed!
Natajia Miller
Cultural Insights Adviser and Diversity & Inclusion Strategist

If you're a coach, consultant, trainer or small business owner with a true passion to make a difference in the world, working with dreamboat corporate clients, while getting paid your true worth, then you're in the right place.


We're doing things a bit different here

No boring management lingo (we like real words),
No grey powersuits (unless you like them - then rock on!),
No sleazy sales tactics (no one likes soggy slime-cake),
No posting 24/7 on social media (who's got time for that?),
Not even spending months giving "value" what no one cares about...(seriously, they don't)

Hello, I am Miriam

The non-corporate-y consultant, defender of iridescent personality in the corporate world and creator of jewel-plated, diamond-encrusted opportunities for passionate coaches, consultants and corporate trainers. 

Chartered Accountant with world’s oldest professional institute, former CFO – I know how decision-makers think, what they buy and how to get your offer approved.

And I’ve got the real-world experience of what it takes to run your own 6-figure consultancy – because that’s exactly what I am doing right now.


Fancy landing your dreamboat corporate clients in record time without connection, questionable means or giving up your personality?

Ready to sell to corporates?

But wait…

I am committed to giving you the best possible chance of success and that means also making sure you don’t fall down one of the many traps where I’ve seen so many coaches and consultants getting stuck…


  1. “Give Value and they will come”. I have some news for you: unless the corporate decision maker knows you already they don’t give a damn about your “value”. Why should they take advice from some dude on the internet? Sure, once they DO know how amazing you are (because they worked with you), sharing value is important to keep the relationship alive – but not till then!

  2. “Sell the Problem, Sell the Solution”. This is such an antiquated concept – modern decision-makers are smart. They are prepared, they have consulted their network, they have done their research. They are looking for new insights from experts, not one-size-fits-all solutions

  3. And this is also why having one SIGNATURE program does not work when working with corporates. They believe that their industry, their company and their people are special, different and unique from everyone else. Again, they’re not open to cookie cutter solutions. Trying to change their mind is a waste of your time!

  4. “It’s a numbers game”. They tell you to contact more people, use email templates, to use their expensive lead generation services…But guess what: it’s not a numbers game but a game of focus and performance. Focus on specific market needs in a specific niche and offer a performance focused solution wins the day – every day.

Following that kind of advice can seriously damage your business - and your health!

Let me share with you how corporate buyers and decision-makers really think and what you need to land multi-5 and 6-figure corporate clients: