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So this young woman (28) is asking what a good time in her career is to have a baby on an anonymous online forum.

She’s currently doing well, in a secure mid-level job with a Fortune 500 company and I’m assuming in a happy relationship.

Her concern is that she’ll be penalized for taking time off and not getting promoted – yet with a promotion, she won’t have any time in her schedule to bring up a child.

What advice did she get?

**She received TONS of replies from others, the overwhelming message that yes, in 2022, these are all very valid concerns.**

(She also got practical advice on getting herself checked out medically to plan for the future).


This is a genuine conversation on an internet forum with employees from a range of Fortune 500 employees.

Almost no one in that thread (full of people trying to be genuinely helpful or empathetic) mentioned how f****** messed up this is!

Why didn’t they? Because it’s so commonplace that we’re used to it. 🙄 And I’d love to say I was surprised. But I sadly wasn’t…

My aim for corporate cultures

However, hearing this (again) just makes me more passionate about changing the nature of corporate cultures.

To build cultures where real respect for humans, their lives, skills, dreams and passions come together.

Cultures where people can thrive.

Where the thought of having a family is celebrated, not seen as an inconvenience.

That’s the work I do in my own consultancy and that is the driving motivation for why I want YOU to work with corporates.

Because if we as experts change the attitudes of even just one team leader, we can create a ripple effect that spreads far beyond the immediate people we work with (I have seen it happen many times already).

Can we change it all right now? Possibly not – but should that stop us trying?

What I can offer you

If you’re an expert (coach/consultant) who wants to make a difference working with corporates but are unclear about how to start,


If you ARE a consultant who’s not getting the results (impact and financially) that you want..

I have a number of ways how you can get started/scale-up, ranging from:
>> free (I share all of my knowledge in my posts), to
>> short-term, laser-focused on your specific challenges, to
>> longer-term training, guidance, mentoring and cheering

Let’s have a no-pressure chat via DM or email me at

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