Comparison is the thief of joy

Confession time.

In the first few years of my consulting business, I wasted a lot of time comparing myself to people I admired.

Other consultants, experts who seemed to be doing everything I dreamed of doing — working with supercool clients, public speaking, and taking their expertise to make a real contribution to organizations and society.

If you’ve ever compared yourself like that, you know how miserable it can make you feel.

I was making up excuses. Pretty lame excuses actually.

>>I need to get my website perfect (I didn’t)
>>I need to charge less because I am new (I wasn’t)
>>Organizations don’t need what I offer (They do)

The truth behind my thoughts

The truth was, I was afraid I wasn’t good enough.

That I didn’t have anything unique to say. That people would judge me, criticize me and laugh at me.

I had piles of limiting beliefs about myself, my capabilities, and even my value as a human being.

But the TRUTH was actually this; I already had everything I needed to make my business dream come true.

At the most basic level, I had food, running water, and a roof over my head. I even had unwavering support from my family, even as I waivered.

Most importantly, I have passion. Passion to make things, heck – the world – a better place with my work. I have the drive, I have the experience, and I have the willingness to never give up.

And you can make a difference too

So if you’re reading this, I believe you have that too. I know with every fibre of my being that:

You have so much to offer.

So much impact to make.

All you really need is to work with corporates RIGHT NOW.

It doesn’t matter how much time, money, or experience you think you lack — if you have the passion and desire, you CAN make that impact.

Because what holds most of us back are excuses. Excuses about why other people can do things, but we can’t.

Excuses are like leeches, sucking our energy and draining us of our dreams.

Over the last 25 months, after working with tons of people, I’ve seen some common excuses that hold many of us back from taking that step to get our businesses moving.

What I can offer you

If you want to work with corporates but are holding back, here’s a rejection-proof offer: Tag or DM me and I will share with you a video that slays the 7 most common excuses that hold people back from working with corporate clients and how to overcome them for good.

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