Confidence is the key

I frequently see discussions about what makes someone appear *professional*.

And I can understand how that kind of chat really puts people off even thinking about working with corporate clients.

But the discussion did get me thinking:

>We *know* that corporates hire professionals, right?
>Therefore, if you want to work with corporates as a coach or consultant, it is vital to be seen as a professional, right?
>Therefore, we need to look and sound the part, right?

**But in reality, this isn’t really true…**

Unpacking the myth behind needing to “look” professional

I have seen plenty of people who fit the typical image of a consultant and they struggle to win clients.

I have also seen the opposite – people who broke the stereotypes and are highly sought after by corporates.

You see, it’s not the appearance (or even the “being”) professional that sells.

It’s the fact that we (everyone, including corporate buyers) subconsciously think fitting the professional image confirms: *look at me, I am someone who gets results for my clients*.

It conveys confidence.

Why you need confidence

And confidence is generally the missing ingredient that leaves experts struggling to get clients, no matter how *professional* they look.

It’s because they don’t *truly* believe in themselves and that they can help their clients get amazing results.

And in that case, no number of smart suits, fancy websites, polished LinkedIn profiles, or using the latest jargon can make up for a lack of confidence…

But here comes the good news:

Confidence is not some magical quality that some people are born with.

Instead, you get to decide to be confident, whenever you want.

And when you have a program and offer that are 100% focused on delivering results, the decision to be confident is an easy one.

What I can offer you

When you choose to work with me, I will help you design PRECISELY such a program.

We will cover all the tactical and strategic steps you need to win corporate clients AND I will work with you 1:1 to design the very program that you can use to close 5-figure corporate contracts in as little as 2-6 weeks.

We can start next week – Send me a DM where I will ask you a few questions to evaluate how you can great results.

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