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The best way I know to consistently land 5-figure contracts with corporate clients is to have one strategy for reaching out to prospects and one strategy for getting them to come to you. And to work both simultaneously.

This post focuses on the outreach side of the equation because it is vital to get your corporate client business rolling. 

One of the simplest and fastest ways to reach out to potential corporate buyers is via email. 

(Actually, if you sell to individuals you shouldn’t ignore emails either, but the technique for this is very different!)

So how should I structure my emails to corporates?

The issue with emailing potential clients who don’t know you yet is that they wonder … “is this spam?”

So your first job is to make sure that they KNOW your email comes from a real human being. 

That means you make it personal. 

It starts off with making your subject line so personal that it could only be written to that person. Not just quoting their name (we all know software can do this) but include something super specific to them. 

Maybe they wrote an article?

Or appeared as a speaker at an event, or won an award, or were promoted.

Or do you have a common connection?

Whatever you can find about them – make sure you mention it!

Make your prospects feel understood 

Your second job is to show them that you understand them. 

This means you have done your research on what’s going on in the industry and ideally, in their business (I have written more here about the kind of research required):

And it means you move from vague buzzwords to real insights and specifics (such a big one that sets you apart from all the bigger consultancies, trust me!)

Because from this flows that you demonstrate how you can help them resolve a specific challenge they have!

Reassure them that you have value to bring (without being too pushy)

The last step is to assure them that should they respond to your message, you’re not going to lock them into a hard-sell, gun-against-their-head type call but you will have a genuine conversation where the real value is exchanged while you explore if it makes sense to work together. 

Remember that each client you email is potentially worth thousands of dollars and you only need a handful of clients to make a lot of money. So you don’t need to blast out hundreds per week – spend some time to get a general template right for your industry and topic, then spend a little time tailoring it so that it is super specific to the person you are sending it to. 

If you want to take it all a step further, I have created a snappy infographic with 5 hacks to write outreach emails that use the psychology of persuasion to create messages that fill your diary with sales calls. Get it here: 

(PS: If you want to know more about the full strategy, read here):

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