How to charge more for your corporate contracts

If you want to land 5-figure corporate contracts, you cannot be bottom-shelf, supermarket bread. 

You have to be a fancy artisan loaf instead!

(No I haven’t lost my marbles, just craving carbs as it’s so cold here!)

Let me explain my analogy.. as a German, I ADORE good bread!

In the supermarkets, they put generic bread on the bottom shelves. It’s the kind of bread that is fairly tasteless, has low nutritional value and is dirt cheap. 

It’s a commodity! 

And that means it’s interchangeable, almost indistinguishable from other loaves of bread on the shelves. So it’s a bit of a potluck which one a buyer will pick and prices play a big role. No one will pay top dollar if there are a lot of equally good (or bad) options out there.

Common mistakes I see – Not positioning yourself as different 

But unfortunately, many coaches and experts do exactly this; they position themselves as a commodity. 

They say they are a “leadership coach” or a “wellness adviser”. Or a “communications expert”, “empowerment”, “performance” or “executive” coach.

All those are great things people do, but they don’t set you apart from all the others out there (a quick check on LinkedIn showed there are over 3 million people with that in their title!)

How can I make sure I stand out?

My top tip to being different is to be like artisan bread. You know the type that you buy in cute little French bakeries. Where you easily pay 3-5x the price of a supermarket loaf. 

And what do they do in those places? Not only do they sell you a great product (in our analogy that is you and your amazing offer to get clients results), but they also tell you exactly how their product is different and special! 

The end result? You feel good about your purchase and never even think about comparing prices. 

The same thing happens with your buyers; tell them what makes you unique, what makes your offer special, how the results you help them achieve are different from all the other coaches and experts out there. 

(I have written a post below on how to do this here):

What I can offer you 

My superpower lies in helping people figure out what makes them stand out in the corporate crowd and how to make sure their offer is unique so that they attract the clients they desire and can do the work they love. 

In my 1:1 coaching program, I also help clients figure out all the other “how’s?”: how to find corporate clients, how to approach them, how to create your offer, how to sell it and even how to deliver it. 

If you’ve been thinking about working with corporate clients but don’t yet know where to start, DM me so we can explore if you can get good results with my help, such as making 4 figures for a few hours work, 5 figures for a couple of days or 6 figures for a few weeks of work. 

We’ll have a quick chat over messenger and go from there!

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