Lead Generation Part 3 – Outbound Activities

We’ve been talking about how to ask for referrals that can successfully get you corporate clients.

But relying on referrals alone is not enough if you want to grow your business or don’t already have an extensive network.

So we need to look at other forms of getting leads, specifically: Outbound and inbound activities.

Outbound Reaching

Outbound efforts include outreach, either by email & calls, attending industry events, making introductory offers such as free lunch & learns (things like advertising and trade show exhibitions are less effective for small coaching or consulting businesses and therefore I don’t focus on them here).

The advantage of outbound marketing is that you can get quick results.

Sending a smart email to the right person at the right time can generate a discovery call within days. Making an exciting connection with a prospect at an industry event can get you in front of a prospect fast.

And offering a free taster session of the results you bring is a great way to generate interest in your paid offer in a matter of days or a couple of weeks.

Plus, in all of those cases, you are making a personal connection with your prospect, something that you can build a relationship on.

And even when you hear a “no thanks” (or nothing at all), this is good news because it gives you feedback on how effective your messaging is and how you to improve it.

The drawbacks – which is where ‘layering’ becomes so vital

However, all those methods are very effort intense.

Because outbound marketing only works if you are targeted in your outreach. That means you need to research a company before emailing.

Attending events means travel time and researching attendees. This is where it can become exhausting – especially if you’re a solopreneur.

That is why I recommend LAYERING in activities that encourage prospects to come to you – aka Inbound Marketing.

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